Why Some Leaders are Inspirational and Others Not

Every great and inspirational leader all over the world follows the same model of behavior. They think, act, and communicate alike. And their method of behavior is opposite of all others.
There are many forums in which this topic has been discussed. But probably the most interesting discussion was of Simon Sinek, who calls this model of behavior “may be the simplest idea in the world”. And now we all start to wonder, if it is that easy, why not we all know about this and implement it and have great successful lives. Well, he starts teaching us that the secret is in the answer of three questions only: Why? How? What?. But only in this sequence. The ones who start with the question “Why”, instead of “What” are actually the people who have the ability to inspire and be leaders.
Try and think a little deeper, is this all we need to follow? These three simple questions and their answers? How would it affect our own life?


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