Which Are the Companies With Best Leadership Practices

Procter & Gamble took the lead in this year’s chart for companies with best leadership practices. It is interesting that the companies which have been classified are not rated solely by customers, but in fact the opinion of their own employees and of other competitive companies has been taken into consideration.
In 2013, Procter & Gamble took the first place by General Electric which has been the leader for the past few years. It is an interesting fact that Microsoft has gained the second place this year, which is pretty good result when comparing to previous years. However, it should be kept in mind that the company has developed a program of keeping their top managers.
In Europe, the best presented companies in this area are Uniliver, followed by Siemens and Nestle.

The top 20 Best Companies for Leadership
1. Procter & Gamble
2. Microsoft
3. General Electric
4. Coca-Cola
5. Unilever
6. IBM
7. Wal-Mart
8. McDonald’s
9. Telefónica
10. Facebook
11. Intel
12. Samsung
13. 3M
14. Nestlé
15. Siemens
16. Oracle
17. Citigroup
18. Caterpillar
19. Toyota
20. Ford Motor

The top ten in Europe
1. Unilever
2. Siemens
3. Nestlé
4. Vodafone
5. Volkswagen
6. Daimler
8. Danone
9. ING Group
10. SAP


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