When We Develop Others, We Develop Ourselves

In his book Winning with People, John Maxwell talks about the Principle of the boomerang, according to which “when we help others, we help ourselves”. Even if we do not see the direct benefit of the efforts we made to help someone else, the feeling of satisfaction which we experience during such an act is worth it by itself. People understand the true meaning of happiness when they help with whatever they can to others or are doing charity work, without asking anything in return.
In his blog, the American author Jack Canfield talks about the positives of coaching and development of people. The biggest one is that we, ourselves, are growing and develop in the process of educating. To help others and develop them, we need the same thing too. If we want to be effective trainers, we have to be effective in the education itself. Helping people progress, we understand more clearly what we need to perfect, what to research, or what to master even more. We truly grow, when we start helping other people to grow. Constantly developing out coaching competency, with every other day we become better leaders, team-players, husbands, parents, and friends.


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