What Automatic Thoughts Have Successful People

This is a very interesting notion that Stanford has researched and what did they find out? These are some of the automatic thoughts that are in the base of having excellent results:
1. I am special – the feeling that you are top performer in the team, your job is exceptional and the confidence that you have higher opportunities from the rest. This is different from being arrogance or unjustified self-confidence. Benefits from this way of thinking – flexibility, perseverance, charisma. Risks – high sensibility and touchiness.
2. Dichotomy (black-white) thinking – criticizing everything, people, experiences… drawing a line between good and bad things, tendency to the extreme. The benefit – achieving of perfect results. The risk – perfectionism.
3. A good judgment – ability to make the right conclusions in general by using solely limited observations. The benefit – time saving. The risk – tendency of ignoring the data.
4. Type of thinking called “Empty canvas” – the feeling that you can always “paint” your future and often giving a new meaning of everything that has a true meaning to you. The benefit – achieving of surprisingly good results. The risk – problematic focusing and a lack of scale.
5. Shumpeterianism – the feeling “I am a machine of creative destruction”. The ability to look at the creative destruction as something natural and necessary and to believe this is your vocation. Benefits – bravery and endurance. Risks – unhealthy ambitions and estrangement.


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