Wake Up the Creative Genius in You

There is no doubt that for every business to be successful, important key strategies are creative approach, design, and innovative ideas. In the “Creative genius” (with a subtitle “An innovation guide for business leaders, border crossers and game changers”) the Briton Peter Fisk provokes the innovative way of thinking and stimulates taking advantage of new opportunities, appearing all around us in today’s constantly changing world. This is exactly why it is possible, more than ever, to achieve outstanding results in work, as well as in our personal life.
An expert in the sphere of business, innovations, branding, and marketing, Fisk is learning by the new business generation. He is an expert at the quickly changing markets – digital and real, small and large, West and East, and is a founder of the company for branding and business innovations “GeniusWorks”, working with business leaders all over the world. His experience of many years in the sphere includes working with more than 150 companies in more than 30 countries. He is an author of numerous books talking about marketing and business, such as “Marketing Genius”, “People Planet Profit”, and “Customer Genius”.
Fisk recognizes that for him the main inspiration for the writing of “Creative genius” is not someone else, but the great Leonardo da Vinci and “his incredible ability to think differently: back – to the future; to tie together ideas from different places and to create practical discoveries, based on extravagant ideas”. Living in a world that is driven by the human imagination and new possibilities, the ideas are the new currency of the success, believes Fisk.
In this real diamond of the business literature, ideas and work of universally recognized geniuses like the Nobel laureate-entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus, the supreme designer of the “Nintendo” games Shigeru Miyamoto, the lessons of Tei Kuk – the new technological star “Samsung”, famous designers, such as Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan, automobile giants, such as Audi, Mercedes, Toyota and others. By all this, the “Creative Genius” provokes on a large scale thoughts that are outside of the everyday limitations and shows that the things which look extravagant at first sight, can be extremely successful and winning in today’s complicated, quicken, and competitive world.



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