Top 10 Leadership Qualities

All great leaders think, live and control by the same principles. Everyone who desires to be a leader should know that there are some qualities that are very important. Some of them are described as follows:
1. Leader’s job is to inspire more leaders. If you are not doing this, it means that you do not lead but instead you follow. The task of a true leader is to inspire other people to develop their talent and give their best at work, as well as in life in general.
2. Nothing is happening without taking an action. Start with a little but start today. Success requires taking responsibility and this scares most people.
3. Our behavior shows what our beliefs are. We tell the world what we believe in, according to the way we behave. Either we are playing a role of a victim, or of a leader.
4. Ideas are worthless without implementation. In fact, it is better to have a perfect implementation of a not-so-great idea, instead of having a brilliant idea but never implementing it.
5. The more we study, the more we achieve. To double our income, we need to double the speed of training.
6. Take care of relationships and money will take care of themselves. The most successful leaders are the ones who want happy employees, clients, partners, and so on.
7. Authority is not given but deserved. A top leader position in a leading company does not promise us the respect of the people around us. Trust and respect need to be deserved.
8. Do not confuse movement with a progress. It is important what we are getting busy with and not if we are busy or not. Many of today’s leaders do not realize that they are wasting precious time for things that are not of a big importance.
9. Victims do not achieve great things. The victim has the habit of always finding an excuse, to complain and blame others for his/her failures. On the other hand, the leader sees in every situation an opportunity and never stops chasing after the best result.
10. Life is short so do not waste it. The success of a leader is not measured with the applauses or the fame, but with the trace and the solid lasting improvements which he/she has left..

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