The Wise Leader

Have you ever wondered which the basic types of resourcefulness are and how to achieve a balance? Resourcefulness is one of the most important things in the organizational culture of a 21-century company. There are two basic types of resourcefulness and most managers just choose one of the two.
For example, leaders like Larry Ellison from Oracle and Bill Gates from Microsoft display the so-called “business resourcefulness”. For them opportunities are endless, the leaders themselves are dynamic, proactive, and highly competitive. At this type of managers, an issue could be the tendency to take one-man decisions and taking a higher risk in the name of the higher profit.
The other type of resourcefulness is “functional resourcefulness”. Typical of managers who display so is that they are down-to-earth people, they realize that there are limitations, they have deep knowledge in some areas and achieve a high working efficiency. The disadvantage of such people is their tendency of making the same mistake twice and postponing of difficult decision-making.
Actually when they start their career, most people have the potential to develop both types of resourcefulness. But with time, especially in the hierarchy, they start to develop preferences to one of the two types. This way, managers create the so-called “filter of the perception”, thus seeing only what they expect to see.
The dynamic of business nowadays requires more and more from the leaders to balance between the two types of resourcefulness, transforming themselves into “wise leaders”. To achieve that, the managers should first analyze and disregard from their own filters of perception.gdts.

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