The Rules of a Good Conversation

Small and often unsuspected mistakes could be the rock on the road which can trip us in our professional life. There are some things that we should be very careful about during a conversation or when communicating with important people.
1. Do not talk too fast or too slow. We have all had a conversation with someone that is talking so fast that we cannot keep with him/her, or talking so slow that we get bored until we hear the whole sentence. We all know how annoying it is, so do not do it!
2. Do not mumble or speak with a heavy accent. This is simply good manners!
3. Do not talk too loud or too quietly. Make the right judgment for the intensity of your voice by the distance between you and your listener.
4. Do not get carried away by the conversation. Or otherwise said, make sure to give the chance to others to talk.
5. Do not brag. After all, the conversation should be an exchange of ideas and not a tool for increasing someone’s confidence.
6. Do not turn a conversation into an interrogation. Ask questions in a friendly manner and make sure to not come out as an aggressive person.
7. Do not disturb. It is quite rude to disturb someone’s sentence. Give others the opportunity to talk uninterruptedly. Listen and then comment.
8. Do not talk simultaneously with others. This is not only impolite but will also make it impossible for you to grasp the idea of the other person.



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