‘The Rock’ and his Ways to Success

Have you wondered how Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’, has become the successful individual he is today? Not only had he had a great success in his professional wrestling career, but also his charisma made him one of the most beloved wrestlers. After becoming such a famous and dominating figure in his career, he has managed to draw even Hollywood’s attention to himself, thus becoming a successful actor. But still, the ways to Dwayne’s success are various and can be very useful to many people. Some of them are as follow:
1 – One of the biggest reasons for his success is that he never stops pursuing his dreams. He is one of the people who just never give up and know how to fight for what they want. The drive to succeed is crucial because without it to be as successful as he is becomes close to impossible. One should simply not be afraid to follows one’s dreams and thus, has the best chance to excel in every step of the way.
2 – To be able to never give up easily, one should have a very competitive nature. This is a quality which ‘The Rock’ possesses without a doubt. This is why he puts his all into everything he does, no matter if it’s a small or a big step to take. He simply wants to be constantly the best at everything and he does not settle down for anything less than the best.
3 – One of his very important qualities and advantages is that he is very charismatic. He just electrifies every place he goes to in a special way and because of this many people are filled with admiration towards him. He sets an example of what one needs to have major success.
4 – Nevertheless, connections are still crucial to one’s success and this is no secret. Even after he already had some experience with his football career, Dwayne still made the most of his family connections. Keeping in mind that his father was a former wrestler and in fact his grandfather, uncles, and cousins were all wrestlers, it was not too hard on him to follow their example and learn how to succeed from his relatives.
5 – Still, nothing goes right if one does not have the right personality. In the case of ‘The Rock’, he somehow always finds a way to relate to his fans and at the same time, be entertaining enough to make the audience like him even more.
6 – Because of his great personality, he is able to surround himself with great people. And many do say that one can guess how a person is by looking at his friends. Dwayne had made a decision to surround himself with only good people and cut off the bad from his life. This has helped him to observe and learn from people’s success and grow as a person.
7 – A very important detail that many people do forget on their way to success is that one should always have a mentor. Dwayne actually did not have an easy childhood. He has been arrested about nine times in the first 17 years of his life. He needed something to be changed entirely; otherwise he might have taken the wrong path. This is when his mentor has shown in his life – his childhood football coach who was a probation officer, and did everything in his power to keep the kids off the streets and out of trouble.
8 – Even though one should be careful in one’s actions, a little risk is always fruitful. In Dwayne’s instance, if he did not have the courage to take a chance with the change from his wrestling careers to his acting one, he might have never found out what endless opportunities the fate holds for him.
9 – Something every person should remember is that is crucial to learn from one’s mistakes and failures. ‘The Rock’ has reached rock bottom when his football career came to its end and everything looked discouraging. However, he took this as a lesson and learned that he has to work so much harder to pursue his dreams and make them a reality.
10 – And probably the most important thing is that nothing happened if one is not working his ass off and this is exactly what Dwayne Johnson did all the time. He has always used his failures as a reason to work even more and train even more and constantly getting better at what he does.
Dwayne Johnson should truly be an inspiration to hundreds of people. It is always the case that the better decisions one makes in life, the better outcomes one experiences. However, this also means that even when the life is playing a harsh game and offers us the worse, one should never give up and stop pursuing one’s dreams and desires.


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