The Intolerable Things that a Leader Might Say

The rude, arrogant, and neglectful attitude towards employees will undermine their loyalty and motivation. There are some phrases that a manager should never use. Here are some examples:
1. You should be grateful that you have a job at all. This is a phrase often used, especially in a period of crisis. There no worth and neglectful way to tell someone that he/she is not doing well enough with their work. However, the reality is that this phrase is used by employers who do not know how to deal with problems in their team or does not know how to have a constructive, instead of destructive, relationship with someone.
2. Deal with the issue yourself. Of course there are some situations in which it is good for the employee to take the initiative and find the solution by him/herself, however, the abdicating of the issue and the lack of support, shows that the employer is uninterested and is tactless. Such managers quickly lose their employees’ trust.
3. This is a stupid idea. Let’s be honest, not many ideas are brilliant. The only thing such a phrase does is to discourage creativity and innovative thinking. Good leaders know very well that they will never hear a great idea from their team if they do not learn to accept the bad ideas.
4. I have no time to track your personal growth but I think you are doing well. Normally this is not enough at all; employees want to know what they are doing well, what they can improve, and how to develop their skills even more.
5. Comments on the clothing and figure. People are different and they accept such comments in a different manner – such implications can embarrass some employees and even offend some, which is why comments of that type are intolerable.
6. Do whatever I tell you without asking questions. This is one of the most problematic areas in the relationship between employers and employees. Many managers do not realize that this type of communication is the reason of weak performance and low results. If employees do not see the significance and profit of their work, they lose all kind of motivation and do not give everything they have towards achieving the wanted results.
7. What is happening with you? When a bad performance is present, the reaction should never be personal. The reaction should be entirely focused on the specific ability, the problematic area or the way of behaving, but never personal.
8. If I say so, this is your job. When someone should do something additional as a task, outside of his usual obligations, it is good to be explained to him/her why this is necessary. Good managers do not give orders, but instead explain why this thing should or should not be done.
9. You are a lot better than your colleague. Even if this sounds as a compliment to an employee, such a comment shows a negative attitude towards the rest of the team. The meaning of the positive feedback is to recognize somebody’s achievements and not emphasizing that others are doing badly.
And according to you, what is the worst thing you have been told by your employer?


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