Famous love quotes

my heart is and always will be yours

You are probably deeply in love with someone but you are pretty much afraid that you cannot express your feelings in the best way possible; what is the solution, then? Love quotes are may be the best choice in this particular situation and many others; if you decide to surprise your loved one with a bottle of champagne and a card with some famous but amazingly romantic love quote, you will probably get the night of your life and declare your love in the best way possible. Another scenario might put you in the situation where you are to impress the boy or girl of your dreams for the first time so that to ask them on a date, then a certain famous love quote might help you out to make the first move and start the most beautiful love of your life. After that, when your grandchildren are old enough, you may dust off the old card with the quote that once helped you win your beloved one’s heart and show it to them; I bet they’ll be delighted to read it out loud.pleasure of love lasts but a moment pain of love lasts a lifetime bette davis

All in all love quotes can literary mesmerize your partner and turn your most intimate moments into feasts of love and happiness for both of you. They could always increase the romantic level of your relationship or, as mentioned above, help you start the one of your dreams. After all, love is probably the second best thing in our lives after health so we should be fully aware that we ought to take care of it and refresh our romantic relationship with declarations of our deepest feelings from time to time thus famous love quotes are the perfect fit for such moments when we are at a loss for words and still we want to let our feelings show and tell our beloved one that we are deeply in love with them and our world would not have been the same without him/her. Love is always in the air and famous love quotes help it shine at its most beautiful.