Lessons for Entrepreneurs Learned From Hollywood

It is easy to find a story told by Hollywood in which a maverick pursues an opportunity nobody else did and succeeded in a great way. However, sometimes it is good to watch these stories because the big lesson behind them is that at the end, the monetary gain by such an innovative character is not the most motivating factor. The truth is that everyone admires an underdog who does not listen to what everyone is saying but instead listens to his gut and pursues passionately his dreams.
So what are the necessary qualities to be one of ‘them’? Three things are for sure: a plan, a vision, and a determination in huge amount.
Lesson #1: Have a plan and be fearless about it but at the same time adaptable. As we all know, at the beginning of every development of an idea, business, or so, the foundations are the most important. This is why it is quite important for the person to surround himself with the right people, be fearless, enthusiastic, and with confidence in every step he takes.
Lesson #2: To have a clear vision is also one of the fundamentals. For example, imagine the clarity of the vision the creator of Facebook had from the very beginning to its creation – it has been almost as an obsession because it damaged every other aspect of his life. Of course no one is saying that the vision needs to be clear to such extremity but it is always a step towards success to imagine and see it clearly in your own head so that afterwards the whole world can see and understand it.
Lesson #3: Entrepreneurs and not only should always be prepared that there is a stage of every action where things get rough and the period of struggle always seems discouraging. However, one should always have faith in one’s own abilities, always should be determined, and never give up on the goal and the dreams because if one does not try, then who?



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