In Which Companies There Is the Most and the Least Fluctuation

It is interesting to check the new report of Payscale for the loyalty of the employee of Fortune 500. The companies in the sector of production can brag with the least fluctuation of employees. This is highly affected by the higher age border.
On the other hand, the loyalty of employee is the lowest in the sector of IT and retail trade. This does not necessarily mean bad work conditions or lower salaries. In these sectors, the employees are mostly young people, at the beginning of their careers and they are more willing to change their job.
The insurer Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company has the highest percentage of fluctuation of employees, where an employee works at the company around 9 months and a half. Google and Amazon are also at the top of the list where an employee is working normally around a year. The presence of numerous IT companies at the top of the list, specialists explain with the idea that this industry is the hottest one right now and the fight for talents is exceptionally huge. Here are the companies:

1svtAnd these are the companies with less fluctuation of employees. At the top of the list is Kodak, where an employee works on average about 20 years.


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