How to Stop Postponing our Success

Nobody would believe that we are postponing our success at our own free will. Really why would someone want that? It seems crazy. Every person wants to success as fast as he/she can. But let’s ask ourselves the following question – why no entrepreneur is able to become successful as fast as he/she wants?
Of course the first thought to come to mind is circumstances – something, somewhere, at one point has happened and prevented the quick success. Some people would use this as a reason, others would blame themselves that they did not do everything in their power to become successful. There is also a group of people which would blame their family, friends, and acquaintances. In other words, in most cases a person believes that some external factor is the obstacle. In some cases this might be the truth, but most of the time the true reason is another and hides inside of us.
Since young age, we are taught to see ourselves, as well as the world, in three simple forms – past, present, and future. Immediately, we can say that right now we are in the present. This means that we are ambitious, motivated and hungry-for-success entrepreneur. We have a plan and a vision for our future and business – how we will help the world and how this will leave us with huge rewards, how big our company will be and its influence on people, how many employees we will have working for us, what a great car we will own, what a beautiful beach house we will have, how we will have the chance to travel the world in our own private jet. All these goals and dreams are a wonderful thing because they make us think about the future. However, this turns out to be the greatest problem.
Thinking all the time about how happy and successful we will be in the future, makes us miss out happiness and success in the present.
This is a widely-spread problem among the entrepreneurs because they seem not be able to enjoy the present results of their hard work. They postpone their happiness and do not acknowledge their success until they entirely achieve their goals. This has been called “the emptiness of the future”. In other words, this is the difference between what the entrepreneur is today and what he/she will be in the future. This emptiness is a personification of misery, stress, sadness, and demotivation. Why? Because the entrepreneur has a vision of what he wants to achieve but even if he does so, he does not acknowledge it as a success. The paradox is that by achieving his/hers own goals, he/she will not be truly happy because at this point he/she will create new goals and the whole process will repeat itself. Actually, this refers to all the people, not only entrepreneurs. This is the contemporary process which is accepted as normal but at the same time, what is the point to all this if we, as a human race, will always feel unhappy and always believe that it is not enough?
As you can guess, if the “emptiness of the future” is existing, then the “emptiness of the past” exists as well. The difference between the two is that the second one brings us joy, satisfaction, and happiness. Think about where you did stand two years ago and where you stand now. How did your life, career, and personal relationships look like? Is there a difference and a progress? Did you change for the better? If yes, this is exactly what you need to concentrate on so that you are truly happy. You have to celebrate! “The emptiness of the past” gives you the opportunity to be happy and thankful in the present for what you have achieved in the past. Of course we have to be ambitious and to strive for the realization of our goals and dreams but we have to learn to do it while being happy. The probability to be successful will increase greatly.


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