How to Overcome Anxiety

There is no problem that has been solved by means of anxiety. There is no person who has not experienced the feeling of a freezing anxiety. And yet, if months later we go back to the reason of our anxiety, often we find out that whatever made our day bitter has actually turned out to be unworthy of so much attention. If we learn to concentrate our energy in finding some constructive solutions to the problem, instead of giving way to concerns, we would in fact transform into much healthier and happier people.
And still, it is easy to be said but not so easy to be done. That is why you may find the following tips quite useful.
1. When you have a problem that keeps coming to mind, do not postpone its resolution. Take it face to face and find a solution. In fact, most of our concerns are a result of our indecisiveness. Once you have made a decision on the solution, keep it. It might not be the very best one but every positive action is better than no action at all. And never make the mistake to believe that you will never make mistakes.
2. Use your own judgment on where the rational thought ends and the anxiety begins. Do not forget that thinking and worrying is not the same, many people do get confused on that one. The clear thinking is a constructive action. The worrying is completely destructive.
3. If there is something you can do to resolve the problem that is causing you stress, do not hesitate. You should take any possible step so that you feel satisfied with what you are doing, instead of just stay inactive.



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