How to Develop a More Effective Memory for Names

Remembering names is one of the essential issues for most people, especially in the working environment. At the same time, the name is the most important information which we have to know about a person. By forgetting the name of someone, you strike on their ego. In most cases, it does not even mean a real forgetting of the name. It is more likely that you have not heard or learned the name at the very beginning, because you have not heard it right and you did not do anything to remember it. This may be caused by a lack of interest or absent-mindedness. Whatever the reason is, this cannot be a excuse. Remembering names is clearly very important social skill and a tool of convincing. When you turn to someone by their name, you will receive more intense attention without a doubt – this is simply the human nature.
The perspicacious people in every business make consciously efforts to remember names. There is no better way to make a good first impression and to show that you are interested enough to remember the name. You can train your mind the same way as you are training your body in the gym.
Many names or at least the family names have a specific meaning. This helps us to relate such names to something and to draw ourselves a mind picture of this. Some people feel guilty when they make some stupid associations in their minds but the truth is that, no matter how stupid or irregular is the method which you have built for yourself, if it helps you remember the names – go ahead and do not care. If we want something to be memorable, it is very useful to intensify it with imagination. Neuropsychologists have proven that the memory and imagination use two different sides of the brain.
Two rules when meeting someone
Rule #1 – make sure you have heard the name. Never feel embarrassed to say that you had not heard somebody’s name and ask him/her to repeat it. The benefit of this is double – you will learn this person’s name and you will make him/her feel more special. The name actually forms a big part of the individual’s psychology. Therefore, we are more responsive to the ones who seem interested in us.
Rule #2 – if you hear someone’s name, make sure that you connect it to the right face. If you have ever made the mistake with the names of your interlocutors during a business meeting or a social event, you most likely know that this is something that should never be repeated again. If you are not sure, most of the time it is better to use no name at all. Definitely, to call someone with the wrong name is much worse than just not using a name when calling him/her.


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