From Paupers to Millionaires


To be born rich is not the only way to reach the top. Actually, some of the richest people on the planet have once been absolute paupers. Their stories remind us that with determination, boldness, endurance, and some luck, every single person could be successful. Here is something to inspire you:
Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks



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Schultz grows up in misery and what takes him away from it is that he wins a university scholarship because of his soccer skills. He buys Starbucks when the chain has only 60 shops. At the moment, there are 16 000 shops all around the world and Schultz’s fortune is over 2 billion dollars. He says that no matter that he is wearing a silky suit and tie, he remembers who he is and where he is from.
Oprah Winfrey, talk show host



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Winfrey is born in an extremely poor family in Mississippi, but this does not stop her to be ambitious. She wins a scholarship for a university in Tennessee and later on, she becomes the first black woman to be a newsman in the state. At the moment, Oprah is one of the most famous women in USA and her fortune exceeds 2,9 billion dollars.
Shahid Khan, businessman


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When he was young, Khan had arrived in USA and started by washing dishes. Meanwhile, he is visiting lectures in the University of Illinois. Obviously, he did not lack a business acumen, because now he is one of the richest people worldwide – he owns the company Flex-N-Gate, the American football team Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Fulham soccer team. His wealth is 3,8 billion dollars.
Ralph Lauren, fashion designer


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Lauren graduated from a school in Bronx, New York, but he decides to give up university education and become a part of the army. Afterwards, he was a man of all work in Brooks Brothers, where he started asking himself if people are ready for some bolder decisions regarding their clothes. Years later, Lauren is one of the most famous fashion designers and his wealth exceeds 7,7 billion dollars.
Leonardo Del Vecchio, businessman



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One of five children, Del Vecchio has been sent to an orphanage, because his mother, who was a widow, could not take care of all of her kids. As a young man, Leonardo started working in a factory for auto parts, where in an accident he lost part of one of his fingers. Only at the age of 23, he saves enough to open his own shop for eyeglasses frames. Now, his company is the biggest producer of sunglasses in the world and Del Vecchio’s possesses 15,8 billion dollars.
George Soros, businessman



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As a young man in Hungary, Soros introduced himself as the godson of a high-ranking Hungarian statesman, so that he can protect himself of the Nazi invaders. In 1947, he leaves for London, where he studies and works as a waiter and railway worker. After his graduation, Soros opens up a small souvenir shop and later on, he manages to find himself work as a banker in New York. At the moment, he is one of the most famous businessmen on the planet. His fortune exceeds 20 billion dollars..

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