Do Not Command – Lead

There is nothing better for a leader than the ability to see the best in others. Unfortunately, nowadays, many managers address to their employee as machines with no hearts – they expect from them to follow the orders without saying or feeling anything, not to show any creativity, conformity, or personal initiative, while they are working. They are so worried about following the rules, orders, and directions that they are missing on the potential every human being could actually possess.
The managers who actually reflect on their employees in a positive way, instead of controlling them step by step, not only bring higher results to the table of their organizations, but also manage to build a team of employee who are motivated to achieve success in every area.
The most important thing when wanting to be a leader is not the leadership experience, the high intellect, the good-heartedness, the courage, or the sense of humor, although each one of these things is quite important. Above all of these is the ability so draw closer to the people around us and try to understand, get to know them, and find the best of them..

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