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  • Every Successful Entrepreneur Owns It

    Everyone wonders what is the quality that stands at the basis of success? What do you think? Would it be financing, management skills, or innovative thinking? Yes, these things are important for starting and developing of business but they are not crucial if an entrepreneur will be successful of not. It is very hard to […]

  • The Intolerable Things that a Leader Might Say

    The rude, arrogant, and neglectful attitude towards employees will undermine their loyalty and motivation. There are some phrases that a manager should never use. Here are some examples: 1. You should be grateful that you have a job at all. This is a phrase often used, especially in a period of crisis. There no worth […]

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  • Why Some Leaders are Inspirational and Others Not

    Every great and inspirational leader all over the world follows the same model of behavior. They think, act, and communicate alike. And their method of behavior is opposite of all others. There are many forums in which this topic has been discussed. But probably the most interesting discussion was of Simon Sinek, who calls this […]

  • 15-year-old CEO

    Not many people could brag with their own company at the young age of 15. Do get inspired by this story… During the last two years, the American teenager Jaylen Bledsoe manages his own IT Company – Bledsoe Technologies, which is estimated at 3.5 million dollars and is one of the fastest growing IT corporations. […]

  • How to Stop Postponing our Success

    Nobody would believe that we are postponing our success at our own free will. Really why would someone want that? It seems crazy. Every person wants to success as fast as he/she can. But let’s ask ourselves the following question – why no entrepreneur is able to become successful as fast as he/she wants? Of […]

  • Wake Up the Creative Genius in You

    There is no doubt that for every business to be successful, important key strategies are creative approach, design, and innovative ideas. In the “Creative genius” (with a subtitle “An innovation guide for business leaders, border crossers and game changers”) the Briton Peter Fisk provokes the innovative way of thinking and stimulates taking advantage of new […]

  • How Do Successful People Reach Their Dreams

    There are many books, magazines, and articles that list what successful people do on a daily basis to get to their success. Many people do learn from these materials and do their best to implement useful tips and tricks, every day habits and often the result is an improvement in their productivity. However, it might […]

  • Inspirational Ideas for Entrepreneurs

    Nowadays, the everyday life is about 80% grey, monotonous, and uninspiring. That is why, it is very important to find time to see inspiration, to detach from the daily troubles and worries and try to put ourselves into the shoes of great leaders and successful innovative people. One should always observe the foreign experience to […]

  • Lessons for Entrepreneurs Learned From Hollywood

    It is easy to find a story told by Hollywood in which a maverick pursues an opportunity nobody else did and succeeded in a great way. However, sometimes it is good to watch these stories because the big lesson behind them is that at the end, the monetary gain by such an innovative character is […]

  • Why some starting businesses are failing

    What are the most often reasons? It sounds surprising but the lack of money is not the main reason why a starting business would fail. Actually, according to some researches, most often companies which have only one leader are failing. According to Business Insider, the management itself is much more difficult and stressing than it […]