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  • When We Develop Others, We Develop Ourselves

    In his book Winning with People, John Maxwell talks about the Principle of the boomerang, according to which “when we help others, we help ourselves”. Even if we do not see the direct benefit of the efforts we made to help someone else, the feeling of satisfaction which we experience during such an act is […]

  • How to Take Quicker Decisions

    The life of each and every one of us depends on our ability to take decisions. How quickly this is happening has an exceptional significance on the end results which we achieve in life. If we think about it deeper, probably we would get to the conclusion that our life would be so much simpler […]

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  • Top 10 Leadership Qualities

    All great leaders think, live and control by the same principles. Everyone who desires to be a leader should know that there are some qualities that are very important. Some of them are described as follows: 1. Leader’s job is to inspire more leaders. If you are not doing this, it means that you do […]

  • How to Develop a More Effective Memory for Names

    Remembering names is one of the essential issues for most people, especially in the working environment. At the same time, the name is the most important information which we have to know about a person. By forgetting the name of someone, you strike on their ego. In most cases, it does not even mean a […]

  • How to Influence, No Matter of Our Position

    Have you ever thought about what kind of a behavior can be influencing other people in a positive way? Even if you have not, start thinking about it and let’s explore the outcomes. It is almost a basic knowledge and many researches have proven it, that essential for a leadership is the ability to inspire […]

  • The Most Influential Business Books in 2013

    Every year the American finance giant Goldman Sachs and the British newspaper Financial Times have nominated a list of business books and later on announce who is the winner of the big award “Business Book of the Year”. This year some of the nominated books really managed to start a serious discussion. There are various […]

  • What Automatic Thoughts Have Successful People

    This is a very interesting notion that Stanford has researched and what did they find out? These are some of the automatic thoughts that are in the base of having excellent results: 1. I am special – the feeling that you are top performer in the team, your job is exceptional and the confidence that […]

  • What Do Leaders Wish to be Better At

    Most of the corporate directors do not use the services of consultants or personal trainers for the development of their management skills. However, most if not all of them, claim that they need professional help and support. Most of the leaders have god some kind of education before they got to this point but according […]

  • More Results for Less Time

    Every manager, as well as person in general, is taking on the challenge of how to manage his/hers time properly to achieve good results to the highest degree. It is important to know the right steps and follow them. Checking your e-mail. You should actually check your e-mail not more than 2-3 times per day. […]

  • The Rules of a Good Conversation

    Small and often unsuspected mistakes could be the rock on the road which can trip us in our professional life. There are some things that we should be very careful about during a conversation or when communicating with important people. 1. Do not talk too fast or too slow. We have all had a conversation […]