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  • cute gay love quotes

    Gay love quotes

    Good-morning love quotes use the beginning of the day to encourage us to rise and shine sharing our love with the world. Since morning in the best time of the day, when we are most innocent and pure, lo let love create a smile on our faces that would lead to a lovely and fulfilling […]

  • love quotes for you

    Thankful quotes

    Thankful quotes show how much you care for a given person; how much you love them and how grateful you are for everything they’ve done for you through thick and thin. Thankful quotes are among the most popular kinds of sayings out there on the web and people use them quite often to say:” I […]

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    famous love and friendship quotes

    Love and friendship quotes

    Love and friendship quotes help you enrich your friendship and teach you the needed skills to maintain some loving atmosphere with your dearest people. Friends are considered our angels without wings on Earth sent by God to guide us and protect us in our most difficult of times thus friendship is so precious and there […]

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    love actually is all around

    Love Actually quotes

    Love actually quotes help people prove their love to one another; these tender and powerful sayings show how love grows as time passes instead of fading away and being lost. Love actually quotes give you a hand when it is hard to express how deeply you love something; through them you can tell someone that […]

  • happy birthday quotes for you

    Happy birthday quotes

    Happy birth day quotes help people greet their beloved partners, friends, children or spouses with original and funny sayings that could warm everybody’s heart. Isn’t it nice to tell someone that with each passing year you love them more and more? Isn’t it fulfilling to encourage someone by saying that their best years are still […]

  • short love and marriage quotes

    Love and marriage quotes

    Love and marriage quotes sound wise and at the same time very romantic; they present marriage in its true side but somehow sprinkled with a bit of fairy-tale magic powder in order to make it ever more appealing for people who are hesitating to take the step and get married. Love and marriage quotes are […]

  • short cute love quotes with images

    Short cute love quotes

    Short cute love quotes are mainly meant for teenagers or people in their early 20s, who are not that experienced in love and love relationships thus short cute love quotes attempt to teach young people the basic lessons of how to develop and maintain a strong and healthy relationship with another person and even to […]

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    lost quotes about love

    Lost-love quotes

    Lost-love quotes are the healing sayings that help people when they are going through some painful separation or a divorce with the once beloved partner. Lost-love quotes encourage us not to go on walking the painful path alone with head down but rather t cheer up, let the strength inside us show and start the […]

  • sarcastic famous quotes about love

    Sarcastic Love quotes

    Sarcastic Love quotes sound funny and refreshing though revealing wise and universal truth about life and love. Young lovers, especially, are very likely to enjoy them since they can attest their love for their partner in some original still truthful way hence these unique quotes will stay in their beloved person’s head for quite a […]

  • love movie quotes 2014

    Love movie quotes

    Love movie quotes are pretty famous among people since these are the lines used in everybody’s favourite films of the romantic and comedy genre. Love movie quotes are what people expect to be pretty influential on the partners or spouses; they want to express they beloved people thus choose love movie quotes because they imply […]