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  • Directors Under 40 With Highest Salaries

    They are not even 40-year-old yet but they are leading giants at a global scale. And Fortune has helped us see who the young corporate directors with highest salaries are. 1. Marissa Mayer, 38 years, President and CEO of Yahoo, $36,6m in 2012. 2. Mike Schroepfer, 38 years, Chief technology officer of Facebook, $20,7m. 3. […]

  • What Inspires Successful Leaders

    Have you ever wondered what motivates us? What makes us believe that we could be a better person, do good deeds, and progress in life? Everyone could think and analyze themselves in a deeper way. But there is also a little easier step to take towards enlightenment and this is to read what truly successful […]

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  • Best Paid Directors of IT Companies

    The New York Times is having a classification of the directors of IT companies that are enjoying the highest salaries – Larry Ellison and Marissa Mayer are two of the lucky ones. The interesting part is that giants like Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg are not even mentioned in the classification. Also, it is very […]

  • A CEO in a Foreign Country

    Getting to the top of in the corporate hierarchy is not impossible outside of the home country. Actually, 14% of the CEOs in this year’s Fortune Global 500 are not born in the country of the companies they are running. CNNMoney had published them: 1. Indra Nooyi, India – PepsiCo, USA. 2. Muhtar Kent, Turkey […]

  • Which Are the Companies With Best Leadership Practices

    Procter & Gamble took the lead in this year’s chart for companies with best leadership practices. It is interesting that the companies which have been classified are not rated solely by customers, but in fact the opinion of their own employees and of other competitive companies has been taken into consideration. In 2013, Procter & […]

  • Regular Work-Outs, Higher Income

    It is believed by many scientists that practicing our favorite sport, exercising, or going to fitness can in fact provide a higher income in a long-term future. Actually, it is not that hard to believe because if we think about it, every exercise we make on a daily basis, results on our body, as well […]

  • How to Use Natural Drinks to be an Aspiring Entrepreneur

    Nowadays, people are easily tempted by the “easy” ways. What is meant by this is that many things that normally are earned hard are offered to us for free and we can hardly hold out against the temptation. This is why if someone tells you that there is a drink that would improve your mood, […]

  • The Rules of a Good Conversation

    Small and often unsuspected mistakes could be the rock on the road which can trip us in our professional life. There are some things that we should be very careful about during a conversation or when communicating with important people. 1. Do not talk too fast or too slow. We have all had a conversation […]

  • How to Overcome Anxiety

    There is no problem that has been solved by means of anxiety. There is no person who has not experienced the feeling of a freezing anxiety. And yet, if months later we go back to the reason of our anxiety, often we find out that whatever made our day bitter has actually turned out to […]

  • 7 Myths About Leadership

    All managers are leaders! This is actually one of the most widely-spread myths about the leadership. In reality, a leader might be a manager but not every manager is a leader. This is something that people are getting obviously confused. And the explanation is simple: a manager can be good at setting goals, monitoring, and […]