Broken heart quotes

broken quotes about love

Broken heart quotes express the sad feelings when a relationship has already ended and show how hard it is to be left alone, to feel lonely and broken-hearted. It is sad when the love has gone out of the door and has left online darkness in the person’s heart. Broken heart quotes assert that there are plenty of people in such situation and a person should always keep in mind that he/she is not alone when being abandoned by their beloved one, they just need to find the right track for their next love. It is true that sometimes love journeys are disappointing, even torturous but this doesn’t mean we should give up; there’s always somebody waiting for us at the next corner that could turn into our beloved friend or spouse.
Broken heart quotes cast light on what it is to feel broken hearted but then stand up and walk unafraid towards the bright future that God has planned for you. After all, love is always worth it no matter what form we would encounter it in next time. Love gives us, humans, the power to achieve almost everything in our lives thus we should never stay broken-hearted for too long as in this way we are wasting valuable time, which, otherwise, we could invest in some meaningful, life-changing experience.
Though love is not always full of happiness and joy, as it is shown in the broken heart quotes, it is still the greatest feeling on Earth and even God encourages us to experience each and every single day in order to feel alive. Love and life are full of obstacles, still broken heart quotes show us that, though torturing at times, love could win in the end and makes us revived and full of life.
Broken heart quotes help us to say “Game over”, in order to give us the chance for a brand new start from then on..

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