A CEO in a Foreign Country

Getting to the top of in the corporate hierarchy is not impossible outside of the home country. Actually, 14% of the CEOs in this year’s Fortune Global 500 are not born in the country of the companies they are running. CNNMoney had published them:
1. Indra Nooyi, India – PepsiCo, USA.
2. Muhtar Kent, Turkey – Coca-Cola, USA.
3. Carlos Brito, Brazil – Anheuser-Busch InBev, Belgium.
4. Joseph Jimenez, USA – Novartis, Switzerland.
5. Carlos Ghosn, Brazil – Nissan, Japan.
6. Hubert Joly, France – Best Buy, USA.
7. Sidney Toledano, Morocco – Dior, France.
8. Stephen Elop, Canada – Nokia, Finland.
9. Anshu Jain, India – Deutsche Bank, Germany.
10. Karl Slym, UK – Tata Motors, India.


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