7 Myths About Leadership

All managers are leaders! This is actually one of the most widely-spread myths about the leadership. In reality, a leader might be a manager but not every manager is a leader. This is something that people are getting obviously confused. And the explanation is simple: a manager can be good at setting goals, monitoring, and system management and processes, but is he/she does not cope to make an apparent progress, he cannot really lead, thus should not be called a leader. After all, leadership is defined by change, improvement, and growth.
Some of the other widely-spread myths that are getting numerous people confused:
1. Some are born leaders. Even if so, this does not make them leaders for life. Even if a person is born a leader, there are many skills and abilities which he/she should master to be a successful leader.
2. Leaders always get the right answer. The truth is that leaders always ask the right questions and know where to find the right answers.
3. A title is necessary to lead. To be able to lead, the only necessary things is to know when and how to lead. Leadership means to do everything greatly and for this, you would need a title.
4. Leaders are focused. The truth is that leaders create and share a focus. If the team is not focused, it does not matter how focused is the leader all by him/herself on the important stuff.
5. Leadership is a personal ambition. The leadership is actually good for everybody. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious and pursuing our own objectives, but if what we do serves only our own interests, we cannot be considered leaders. The effective leadership is when we provide something better for others too, no matter if for our colleagues, subordinates, clients, etc.
6. Everybody can lead. Actually, nobody can lead by force. And no improvement happens by accident. The yearning is an obligatory prerequisite for the effective leaders.
And finally, as mentioned above, not all managers are true leaders. So, what do you think, is the leadership a birthright, is it falsely created, is it for everyone?



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