15-year-old CEO

Not many people could brag with their own company at the young age of 15. Do get inspired by this story…
During the last two years, the American teenager Jaylen Bledsoe manages his own IT Company – Bledsoe Technologies, which is estimated at 3.5 million dollars and is one of the fastest growing IT corporations.
In 2012, when he established the company, there were two employees working for him. Today, they are 150 employees.
The teenager shares that his interest towards the web design started when he became part of a special educational program. Today, this interest is at the base of his business. However, a lot of hard work and courage were necessary for the start and the development of the company. Jaylen’s advice to all young want-to-be-entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to “take risks”.
The young man plans to continue his education in Harvard, where he wants to study business administration and computer science.



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